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Our company was established by three Hungarian experts in 1995, with the aim to produce and distribute detergents for the food industry. After the foundation we primarily supplied to dairy companies, but soon we could find the major plants of the meat and canning industry among our partners, and several winery as well.

Most of these partners are still our customers, but the number of our clients has been multiplied since then. As a Hungarian company we faced a serious disadvantage compared to the multinational competitors, who have already had a great tradition and a strong background in capital on the market.

Today, we can proudly say that we are market leaders on the food hygiene market. Actually, there are more than 200 kinds of products are available to our customers.

Beverage Industry (soft drinks, mineral water)
Meat Industry
Dairy Industry

In recent years, - besides the food sector - Hungaro Chemicals puts great emphasis on the satisfaction of institutions' hygiene problems, too. As our company has already been supplying several public and private institution for years, we continuously improve our products and services to meet the special institutional needs, which are often very different from the claims of food plants or each other as well.

Considering, that hygienic environment is the basic condition of operation in many institutions, our experts are constantly developing detergents and disinfectants to meet expectations. Thanks to the continuous innovation, today we have solution for all of the institutions' hygiene problems, ranging from the health sector to the catering industry.

Our partners include: hotels, health and social services, catering units, governments, baths and swimming pools, office buildings, etc.

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home hygiene programs products

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